The Quick Update

Jane went to see the oncologist today.  Her red blood cell count was low  and her back was sore, so the doctor decided to have her admitted to the hospital.  Jane will be getting an MRI and a blood transfusion today.  She will stay the night and the doctors will see if they can find out what is the cause of the back pain.

The Long Story

Our trip to San Francisco was probably one of the hardest we have had.  Jane’s back was acting up the whole time, her energy level was really low and she just felt like sleeping.  When we got to the doctors office the Nurse Physician (NP) was concern with her red blood cell count (hemoglobin).  Then the doctor came in, looked at the blood work and recommended a transfusion if the counts remained low.

Jane got her treatment and then we went to the hotel.  Once at the hotel, Jane’s back was acting up so bad that she couldn’t sleep.  So, she we real tired but had to much pain to sleep. I put ice on her back, gave her Motrin and massaged her back.  This combination seemed to help enough to let her get a little bit of rest.

Saturday’s flight back was a long one.  I had to get ice from the flight attendant to ice Jane’s back.  By the time that we got home and got settled in Jane’s back was in so much pain she was in tears.  All she could say was, “I don’t want to miss Easter.  The only Easter I have ever missed is when Gabriel was born and I don’t want to miss another.  I love our church!”  Jane called Kara England, a massage therapist, who has real donated a significant amount of time and skill on Jane.  Jane asked her if there was any way that she could fit her in.  Kara went out of her way on Saturday night to massage Jane’s back.  After leaving Jane’s back was feeling better, but by Sunday morning she was having spasms again.

On Sunday high doses of Motrin kept Jane’s back pain manageable.  At one point Jane was feeling like she would have to miss Easter service, but we prayed and we were able to make it to service.

Easter Morning at Church

Easter Morning at Church

Easter service was outta sight!  I think we had over 100 salvation’s for the weekend.  At the end of service we had the prayer team pray over Jane and for her back.  After we got home from church, Jane slept most of the day and went to bed early.

Birthday Blues

We celebrated Gabriel’s birthday in Jane’s hospital room with pizza and Grape Crush.  It isn’t quite what we had planned.  Gabe was a good sport, considering we had to cancel his birthday party last weekend because he was sick. I think overall he is just concerned for his mom.

Transfusion Underway

As I write this Jane is getting her transfusion. They are hooking up the second bag.  It seems to be going well.  Her MRI will be scheduled for tomorrow, we’ll know more then.


Please continue to pray for Jane’s complete healing.  Pray for her to get the rest that she needs.  That her blood count would come up, that the MRI finds out what the problem is with her back and that it is minor.  Please keep the boys in prayer as I know that this is tough on them. Pray for their health.


5 thoughts on “Transfusion

  1. We LOVE YOU!

    Samuel and Gabe, the boys and I think about the two of you all the time. Gabe ~ Happy Belated Birthday!! We pray for all the blessings you both need.

    Jane, you are always in our prayers, are never ever far from our thoughts, and you live in my heart. We pray for your healing, comfort, peace.

    Ray, we admire your strength. We pray for continued strength and wisdom as you care for your family. Thank you for always keeping us in the loop.

    Lei-Ann, Ron, Moku and Haku

  2. Still loving and missing you! We will continue to pray for you and the boys. I pray for all God’s comfort for your family right now.

    Love and hugs,

    Theresa, Dave, and Darian

  3. We are praying for you daily. We love you all and are with you in this journey from afar.

    May God continue to bless you with His peace, love, joy, and healing!

    MUCH love,
    Ira & Cynthia

  4. Ray, Jane, Samuel and Gabriel,

    Always praying for you…

    Happy belated birthday Gabriel!

    You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers!

    Love you,


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