The Battle

As Ryan Seacrest would put it, “Dim lights please, and we will get started with the results.” 

But first let me bring you up to speed, there have been a lot of things going on and I did not get a chance to give you an update.  What you read up front may look like bad news, but look for the miracles……

After Jane checked out of the hospital, she had the scan on her back.  The radiologists reported that it look like the cancer in her back seemed to be active and growing.  He recommended that Jane get radiation on her back.  This would require Jane to go down to Queens hospital five days a week for two weeks, starting as soon as she returned from San Francisco. 

Jane went to S.F. on April 15th, had her whole body CT scan, excluding the brain, on the 16th and saw the doctor on the 17th.  At the doctors appointment the results of the CT showed that the cancer was not growing, but was in fact getting smaller.  Miracle number one!  Jane came home from S.F. on the 17th and was schedule for her MRI on Tuesday last week.  This MRI was really important, because if the total cancer growth in Jane’s brain reaches twenty percent she will be taken off the study.  The last MRI showed that there was significant growth and that Jane was at nineteen percent, one more percent and Jane would be out of the study. 

The results: Miracle number two!  The largest lesion went from 24 mm to 21 mm.  Linda, Jane’s sister, said that the doctor stopped short of saying she couldn’t believe it.  Jane is still on the study and she will be on the study for at least another eight weeks.    The only down side is that while the biggest lesion got smaller another lesion grew bigger.   There is still work to be done.


Praise God for the two miracles this last couple of weeks!   Please pray for our family.  I have been sick an unusual amount over this last year, could be stress.  I got sick on Wednesday and today, Sunday, I am still not a hundred percent.  The biggest problem with being sick, is that Jane and the boys have to vacate the house and stay with her mom.  It is a big disruption.  So, please pray for all of our health, Jane, the boys and I, and Jane’s sister and family.  Pray for our trip to UCSF this week, that Jane would be comfortable.  Please continue to pray for Jane’s back and that her cancer would not only continue to shrink but that it would be eradicated.  This has been a long ordeal and Jane has been through a lot.  At time she is weary and gets a little discouraged, please pray for her spirits to be maintain and that she would continue to have an overcomers heart!  She has been sleeping a lot, we not sure why, it could be medications, but pray for her energy levels.

Super Thanks

Stephanie Lum has worked out a schedule of people to bring us meals on Mondays and Thursdays.  It is incredible!  We have had great meals from many loving, kind people!  I feel bad because I can say thank you to each one of you individually, but please know that we appreciate the thoughts, planning, preparation and hard work that goes in to each meal.   I really can’t tell you how much this means to us.   Thank you Stephanie, and all of you who have serve meals!!!!!!!!!!

Additional Comments

I wrote “The Battle Rages On” a couple of weeks ago when we found out that the cancer in Jane’s back looked like it was growing and she would have to have radiation for two-weeks.  We were all feeling a little discouraged.  Not know how things were going to turn out I spent some time seeking the Lord for encouragement. 

The Battle Rages On

I spent a little time reflecting on the journey that we have been on for the last five years.  It really has been a battle.  At times we have felt victorious, other times we have felt overcome, but never have we felt alone.

I was reflecting on Joshua’s battle with Amalek in Exodus 17.  Moses, Arron and Hur went to the top of the hill, Joshua went out to battle Amalek in the valley. Whenever Moses would raise the Staff of God above his head, Joshua would have victory on the battlefield.  When Moses arms got tired and the staff would drop low,  Joshua’s army would begin taking casualties.  Arron and Hur took Moses sat him on a rock and each took position, one to his right and one to the left.  They took one arm each and help Mose to raise his arms.  The battle raged until sunset bringing victory to Joshua and the Israelite army. 

Joshua was a master warrior, I’m sure he was better at commanding the battlefield than Mel Gibson was in “Braveheart, “The Patriot” or “When We Were Soldiers.”  Joshua’s battlefield skills were not enough to win the battle, he need supernatural empowerment. 

What I am reminded of is that is this battle rages on is that we are not alone.  When we are tired and discouraged there is an army of warriors fighting on the battlefield, on our behalf, lifting us up in prayer and caring for us.  At times when it seems that all is lost and the battle rages on in defeat, there is only one source that can bring victory and that is the supernatural power of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Tho our arms of praise get tire and hearts grow weary, we must keep our eyes on the one who brings victory, we must acknowledge his supreme authority and come under the power and blessing of the supernatural!


3 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. Ray and family:
    We continue our prayers for you and Ray, rather than the boys and Jane vacating if you are ill, please know you are more than welcome to stay at my house. I have a lock off studio with full bath and washer dryer, cable that is open for family and friends. Anytime you need it.
    Love L’Ecuyers

  2. Dear Ray and Jane – We are holding up your arms as you wage battle each and every day….please know that we are praying as well. Keep on fighting. Ann Woodruff and family

  3. Each of you are warriors and I know God is not leaving you alone in your battle! I feel confident that God will bring victory out of this and make each of you stronger. Know that we still pray for you all, as I know so many people do. We love you!

    Theresa, Dave, Darian (and our newest addition, Noah!)

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