Samuel Here

By Guest Bloger, Samuel T. Arney

Sorry that the blog hasn’t been updated in the last month. 

Here’s the news

First as many of you already know my mom has been removed from the study in California because one of the spots in her brain was too large although the others were getting smaller or staying the same.

The options now are cyber-knife and/or a study in Boston. Cyber-knife is basically a larger version of gamma-knife. We want to do this because before the radiation treatment she has to have an MRI. We hope that the MRI will show all clear. The problem is that we have to get this approved by insurance. Please pray for the approval from the insurance company.

The other option is the study in Boston. If she were to do the study she would have to fly to Boston every three weeks to get treatment. Right now we are at a crossroad. Please pray that God would show us the right path to take. Mom hasn’t been on chemo for a month but for some strange reason she still isn’t feeling well. Please pray for her swift recovery.

Samuel, Jane’s personal assistant


12 thoughts on “Samuel Here

  1. Aww … and what an awesome personal assistant you are Samuel!! Are you up for hire?

    I’ll be praying, and praying, and praying!!! Please let me know if you guys need anything!

    Thanks for the update! Love and hugs to all!

  2. Samuel – Thank you for posting. We are praying very hard for your family and especially for your mom to feel better. We will be praying that God will show you a clear path at the crossroads. You make a good personal assistant, Samuel.

  3. Thank you for the update, Samuel! You are such a good “personal assistant”! =)

    Seriously, you are a great son, and I can’t believe you are so grown up (I knew you before you were born!). I know your parents appreciate you and the awesome man of God you are becoming.

    We are always praying for you from Utah, and we will continue to pray for healing and the miraculous in all your lives.

    Cynthia and Ira, Hannah & Josh

  4. Samuel, you’re awesome! I will continue to pray for the family, tell mom I love her. I will also be praying for the insurance company to accept this study. We love you guys,

    Yoyo Nunes —

  5. Jane will continue to be in our prayers…..Tell Ray we love him as we do the rest of the family. Please keep us informed…..Remember God is in control.

  6. I am a friend of your fathers while in the Navy. We had dinner with you a few months past. Just want you to know our support and prayers are with your mother and the family, always.

    Bob, Kathleen and Yoshiko

  7. Wow Samuel, you are an awesome personal assistant and a true blessing and gift from God to your family! I am praying daily for your mom for strenght, energy, feeling great, no pain and full recovery! I will pray for the Lord’s direction in treatment. Take care!

  8. Good job blogger!!!

    Hey Dakota has a cell phone and wants to go to Wed Night.

    We are praying right now!

    Love you!

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