Time for Scans

Scans in S.F.

This week my mom will be going on a trip to San Francisco with Samuel to get scans done for cyberknife treatment in two weeks. These scans will help to better determine where the targeted area is in her brain, for her cyber knife surgery. As far as we know there were at least six different spots on her brain.  As of the last Scan they were all shrinking except for the big one.  Please pray that they continue to shrink and that the big spot is also getting smaller so that she might be able to avoid surgery.

TV Time

Tuesday my mom will be featured on KITV 4 news at five o’clock. Once again please pray for her and wish her the best.

Gabriel, guest blogger


3 thoughts on “Time for Scans

  1. Hey Gabe,

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you twice in one week, which is a recent record. You’ve written a good account of the situation on the blog, and I thank you. We’ll certainly keep your mom and all in our prayers. I’m glad Erik has a friend like you, and hope that you and the fam will make it over our way again some time soon.


    Uncle Mark

  2. Thanks for the update Gabe, we’re still praying for mommy. We will definitely be watching the news. Love you guys.

  3. Brother Gabu and Sas and the entire Arney and Ishii clan. We are continuing praying for you and our prayer team prays fervently for Jane and you all. Blessings and love,

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