It is Tuesday morning and I am sitting in the basement of UCSF waiting for Jane to get her second treatment.  Good thing they have complementary Internet.


We got to UCSF a little late and they took Jane straight in for treatment.  I had not yet had a chance to talk to the doctor or heard anything about the MRI/CT that she took here last week. 

After Jane was in for about 15/20 minutes. I had the chance to talk with Dr. Sneed.  She told me that over the next week they would be treating 3 spots, not just the big one. 

The MRI last week showed one small spot was growing and a new spot.  She said the new spot was small and that she wanted to treat all three. 

Once this procedure is complete, we will have to wait about 6 weeks before the next scan.  We will be monitoring all the spots on her brain, looking at the affect of the radiation and for any other growth.  This will help us determine the best course of treatment.

Cyber Knife

For this treatment, Jane is strapped to a bed, a screen mask is put on her head and they take a couple of x-rays.  Once this is done the cyber knife machine begins its work.  The cyber knife machine looks like something that belongs on the assembly line at an auto plant.  The machine focuses on a spot and then hits it with radiation. It moves to another angle/position and shoots it again.  The treatment is done from many different angels.  If Jane moves the machine stops, automatically recalculates and begins where it left off. The whole thing takes about an hour and a half. 

Today, they will treat two spots, the big spot and one of the small spots.  The small spots will be treated one time and the big spot will be treated all five days. The other small spot will be treated on Thursday.  Because they are treating two spots the treatment time will be increase by about 30 minutes to an hour.  That means today Jane could be in treatment for up to two hours.

Here is snapshot of the cyber knife assembly line 🙂

Jane getting prepared for Cyber Knife


God has been faithful to meet all of our needs.  Upon arrival our good friends, Stu and Jendy nice picked us up from the airport and let us bed down at their home for the weekend.  We had an oportunity to visit our home church in California, Valley Life Center. 

The church is amazing.  We had the opportunity to see old friends and meet some new ones.  God is doing a crazy good work there.  We were totally blessed. 

Blessings Again

We were planing on staying with some friends in the city for the week, but on Friday we found out that one of them may have walking pneumonia.  The good things about staying is the city is we get to hang out with our friends and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to get to UCSF.  But just to be safe, we were blessed again, by having two places to stay in the San Jose area.  The drive is a little longer, but the company is great!  My friend Mark allowed us to use his car so we have transportation.  All of our friends have blessed us tremendously! I can say thank you enough!!!!!!

More Blessings

There have been a number of financial gifts given to us from a bunch of you.  We have received love gifts from our church, HCWO, in Hawaii, from our church in california, Valleylife center, Mililani Christian Church (Jane’s sisters church), from Emanuel Baptist Church of Wahiwa and others.  Your faith and  generosity has really made these trips to California possible. We have been blessed yet again!


Please continue to cover Jane in prayer, she does not really like being strapped into a bed.  Her treatment is every day this week at 9:00 am to about 11:00 am.  Pray for the boys who are staying with Jane’s sister.  Pray for Mark who is struggling with the cough/pneumonia.


2 thoughts on “CYBER KNIFE

  1. Ray, thanks so much for continuing to keep everyone aware of the steps being taken in Jane’s treatment and the many blessings you are encountering. Somehow, it refreshes and helps in my own prayerstruggles (new word) when news comes in. I’ll pass this along to our prayer chain.



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