Cyber Knife II

Jane is over half way done and doing really well.

UPDATE: It is Friday and I am finishing the post from yesterday.  I didn’t get a chance to check for spelling or grammar.  Not that it would matter, since my grammar and spelling is terrible!


We were late for the appointment on Tuesday, bad planning, we left a little late.  We got to the appointment about 15 minutes late.  They were standing in the hallway waiting for Jane.  One Wednesday we left a little earlier in an effort to be at the appointment on time, but due to traffic I got her there about 15 minutes late.  Again the treatment team was waiting for her in the hallway. 

Today, to ensure that we got here on time we left about 30 minutes early.  I got Jane to her appointment about 15 minutes early, another accident.  I parked the car, grab a cup of Starbucks and went to the waiting room.  When I got to the waiting room, 5 minutes after the appointment was supposed to start Jane was still waiting.  They took her in 15 minutes late.  Tomorrow is the last day! I will be diligent to get her here on time again. (Update: on time and they took her on time.  Last treatment!)

The Knife

Treatment takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  Jane has had a little cough and was concerned that it would make her make her move.  She is taking cough syrup and her anti-nausea medicine.  The anti-nausea medicine puts her to sleep, so she get to sleep through most of the treatment. 


Each day after we finish, I have had the chance to treat Jane to something nice.  Tuesday I took Jane to Sausalito, she really enjoys it there.  We went and had lunch and walked around. It was a peaceful way to spend the afternoon together.  It is good to get out away from the hospital and just spend a little time together.

Yesterday, we drove down the coast and had lunch at Sam’s Chowder House.  The big thing  about Sam’s is the Lobster Roll.  It was rated one of the top five sandwiches in America.  NBC’s morning show did a story on it (video:, print story:  I had the Lobster Roll and was a little disappointed.  It kind of sucked for a signature dish.  I could tell it had potential, but it looked like they just threw it together and let it sit on the plate before it came to the table. 

The cool thing was to watch the pelicans dive bomb the water.  There were a couple of them dive bombing and one had three young ones that would follow her/him around.

We left Sam’s and finished our drive by going by the beach that Jane use to go to as a little girl with her family and then through Santa Cruz.  All in all it was a nice day.


I’m looking forward to dinner tonight, I don’t know where we are going, but it is Italian.  But that is not why I am excited.  Jane and I will be having dinner with the pastor who did our wedding.  The are long time friends of Jane’s family and good friends of ours.  We always enjoy hang out with them.  


We fly back tomorrow and can wait to get home. We look really miss the boys and of course there is no place like home. 

 Over all Jane has held up well on this trip. Last night she was tired and went to bed right after dinner, she really needed the sleep.  Please pray for our flight, we have to get up early and Jane could be pretty tired.



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