Samuel Here II

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the loooo0ooong wait for the update!  My mom has been doing much better (probably because she is not doing chemo).  She is still required to take steroids to ensure that she does not get swelling from the last radiation (Cyberknife) treatment.  In a few days she will be getting an MRI and a CAT scan. 

A few days after the scans my mom and dad will get the results.  Based on the results they will decide if she will be going to Boston for medical studies, that is, if she qualifies.  Please pray my mom in your prayers.  She has a persistent cough and it takes a lot of energy from her.  The doctors have been looking into it, but they cannot seem to figure out what is causing it. Pray that the doctors can help her and figure it out.

We’ve been doing well as a family too.  Gabriel and I have started school. The school years has been awesome so far.  I passed my driver’s test and have a learners permit now.  If you’re worried that I’m going to run something over or break laws, don’t worry, I won’t.  I am currently taking a driving class.  Please keep me in prayer though because i want to be a very safe driver. 

My brother has started to take up archery and he’s already pretty good at it from what I’ve heard. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and praying for my mom.

God bless you,



13 thoughts on “Samuel Here II

  1. Hi Samuel,
    Good job on the post. Sure do appreciate hearing about how your mom and all of you are doing. Congrats on your permit! I’m sure you will be a very good driver. And sounds like Gabriel is enjoying archery. We shall continue to pray for your mom and all of you. You are such a precious and beautiful family.
    Love to you all,
    From all of us,
    The Alarcio’s

  2. Hello Samuel, Thanks for the update! We will continue to pray for you (driving:) and your family. We miss you guys. Please send our love to your mom! Oh, and watch out for those “other” drivers there in HI~~

  3. Hi Samuel,
    God bless you too! I’m so proud of you for just being you! I love your blog updates. I’m glad to hear your mommy is feeling a bit better from being off chemo. But I’ll continue to pray for her persistant cough. We think of you and your family often and give everyone our love.
    lots of blessing and lots of love to you,
    aunty Diane, uncle Dean, Josh, & Jesse

  4. Samuel,

    Thanks for blogging about what’s going on with you guys.

    I’m much more worried about Gabriel with a bow and arrow than I am about you behind the wheel of a car! haha

    Love your family!!!

  5. Thanks, Samuel. Good to hear your Mom is feeling better! Praying for good results on the testing and for the cough to clear up. May God bless you and your whole family.

  6. Hey Samuel …
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop …
    The Durants will continue to pray for your family ~ each and every one of you.
    Moku started Driver’s Ed today but we’ve yet to get his permit. We’ll do that this week (hope he passes since he’s in class already!!!). Good luck with that.
    Give our aloha to Gabriel. All of you grew up much too quickly.
    Hugs all around and always remember how much we love you.

    Uncle Ron, Aunty Lei, Moku and Haku

  7. Samuel AND Moku driving???? Mercy time does fly by. We are praying tonight for your Mom’s cough and for clear direction on Boston. Dakota is excited that you got your permit…look what you have started… Love you! The Anderson family.

  8. Thanks for your update, Samuel. I have been praying for your mom and your family, and I’ll continue to do so.

    I really miss you, Gabe, and your classmates! I wished for you all when I was at the Arch of Titus, the Colosseum, and the Forum. Tomorrow we’re going on a tour around the walls of Rome (12 miles!) with a group from my husband’s school. I wish you all could come with us!

    Glad to hear that school is going well. Please tell everyone that I said “Salvete!” and “Buongiorno!” ( I’m taking an Italian class now, and the Latin is helping. 🙂 )

    ~Mrs. Malone

  9. Samuel thanks for the update. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. Evan is still working on getting his learner’s here in Australia. He has been studying. Its definitely hard to get a driver’s license here.

    Give your mom a big hug and kiss from us…We miss you all!

    Sean, Joan, Evan, Shannon and Kaitlin

  10. We pray for you ALL soooo often…constantly in our prayers. Congrats on your learner’s permit. Keep taking good care of your mom… she is an amazing woman and, of course, you are an amazing young man! We love you!

    Katy and Scott McKinney

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