Scan Results

From guest blogger Linda (Jane’s sister):

Thank you for your prayers! My sister has a total of 8 lesions. The 3 larger lesions that were radiated in San Francisco at the beginning of August are either stable or shrinking. The largest one is stable. The other two are smaller than in previous scans. The remaining 5 are small and haven’t really changed. At least none of the 5 are above 1 cm which would qualify her for the Boston trial. (We don’t really want to qualify for this one, for as long as possible.) We have another scan scheduled for 6 weeks. Until then, she will get speech therapy for her vocal cord paralysis, maintain her medications for the cancer below her neck (which is still stable) and gain hair and strength! 🙂 She is convinced God is healing her and your prayers are sustaining her. Thank you, Lord!


4 thoughts on “Scan Results

  1. Jane,
    We continue to pray for you and your family. You are Gods pearl! I admire you and your families strength. We love you!! Randy and Debbie

  2. Dear Linda – Thank you for the update. We continue in our prayers for all of you at each and every turn. We will pray especially for Jane’s recovery and strength to return in these next 6 weeks.

    Fondly, Ann

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