Scan Day

Jane will be going in for a scan of her brain today.  It has been six weeks since the last scan.  The results of the last scan were very positive.  All spots on her brain were either shrinking or stayed the same and no new spots were identified.


Jane has been struggling with her voice.  According to the doctors the left  vocal cord is suffering from paralysis.  This condition makes it very hard for her to speak loudly and her doctor has instructed her not to raise her voice.  We think that damage to the nerves in the brain caused by the cancer or the treatment is the blame for the paralysis. 

Prayer today

Please pray for Jane as she do not really like to do the scan, it make her anxious.  Pray that the scans show increased healing.  And pray for her voice.

I will update later this week when we get the results back.

Thanks for your Support


3 thoughts on “Scan Day

  1. Hey awesome woman of God! Ross and the kids said they saw you @ the house party and you looked amazing! They thought you looked totally healed and I come into agreement with that! We pray today is the day of COMPLETE healing in Jesus’ name! Love you friend!

    The Anderson’s

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