Happy New Year


In the previous year a lot of growth has happened, both spiritually and physically.  Recently, I have been attending our churches Youth Group, Revolution, which has helped me to strengthen my walk with God.  I enjoy Revolution because I have made some good friends and I enjoy the worship and messages.  The 9th Grade has been a struggle for me so far, but I have realized that if I pay closer attention in class I will learn things easier.

In the New Year I look forward to finishing the 9th grade so I can go on summer vacation!

My prayer request for this year is that you would keep my mom in prayer.

Have a good year.


This has been a year of accomplishment for me.  I got my permit for driving. I have also been working at bringing my grades up to get straight A’s and hope to accomplish that for this semester. Other than that I have done nothing noteworthy.

This year I look forward to looking at colleges and hopefully earning a provisional license.

As for prayer requests please pray for my mom’s health and healing and for God’s blessing throughout the year.


From around the end of the 2009 to July 2010 I visited San Francisco every other week for a cancer treatments. The treatments seemed to slow the cancer, but ultimately it was found to be ineffective and I was deemed an invalid test subject (The life of a guinea pig!) .  While the traveling was really taking its toll on me, there were a few highlights.  First, I was really encouraged to be able to see a lot of my old friends, I was truly blessed by each one.  The second highlight of all the travel was spending a week with Ray during the Cyberknife treatment.  I did not enjoy the daily Cyberknife treatments, but Ray planned little day trips after the treatments so that I would have something to look forward to.  My favorite trips took me to to Sausalito where we had a great lunch at Scoma’s and then on another day we took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway through Half Moon Bay.   In the latter part of this year I was able spent time with the Ray, the boys and my family, enjoying the holidays.  I really want to thank you for all your prayers and Christmas cards.


All in all it has been quite a year.  Samuel is growing into a strong Christian young man.   As a Sophomore, Samuel has continued to work hard on his school work and is  striving to get straight A’s.  Samuel is part of the youth group’s core team and really enjoys participating with the youth group leadership team.  It is always exciting to hear him talk of each Wednesday service.  His focus is usually on the salvations, he will say something like, “Dad, tonight was incredible,  10 kids got saved!”  I am excited to see what this year holds as we look at colleges.  Samuel has already figured out that he wants to be a teacher or a pastor/youth pastor when he finishes college.

Gabriel has sprouted this year.  He has grown at least 6 inches in the last year.  I think that he will be as tall or taller then both Samuel and I by the end of the school year.  Gabriel has taken ownership of his relationship with God this year.  His spiritual growth is amazing.  Gabriel is a deep thinker. He does not just accept what is taught, he thinks it through and then comes up with incredibly tough questions.   As a Freshman, Gabriel is still contemplating the future and what he wants to do.  Since he is fun oriented we are encouraging him to find something that is really fun and that he likes to do.  Time will tell what creative adventure that God will bring forth in Gabriel’s future.

Jane is an incredible woman.  Over the last year she has made many trips to San Francisco, fought the side effects of many different drugs and still manages to stay strong and look to the future.

What has been going on with Jane?

Since my last update in November, Jane has had one set of scans.  The doctors told us that she had a little bit of growth on the biggest lesion and it looked like one new lesion.  All other spots on the brain remained normal.  Upon hearing the news, we checked with Dr. Melisko at UCSF to see if she was going to start a new study.  Dr. Melisko informed us that the study was still about 6 to 9 months away from starting.  Our next step was to send the results to Dr. Sneed at UCSF to see if more Cyberknife could be done.

Dr. Sneed looked at the scans and reviewed the results, she was not sure that the results reflected what she saw in the scans.  In other words, she wants Jane to come to UCSF and do the scans there.  Dr. Sneed thinks that the growth on the largest lesion could be necrosis.  Necrosis is the dying of cells.  If this is the case, the death of these cells is most likely attributed to the Cyberknife.  Radiation continues to work long after the treatment is completed.

San Francisco…..Again

Jane and Linda will be going to UCSF in the next couple of days.  They will fly to San Francisco, do the scan and fly home (3 days). Once the scans are complete,  Dr. Sneed will review the results with her team and then advise us. 


Please pray that this is the beginning of a miracle, Jane’s healing.  Pray for Jane and Linda as they head to UCSF, especially for Jane, she really dislikes being strapped to the table and put inside of the MRI tube.

After six years of battling cancer Jane has expressed that she is just very tired of it all, the cancer, the treatments, the travel and the all the other ailments that continuously pop up.  She is growing weary.  Pray for a sustained strength.


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Good morning guys,

    Iris and I were wondering aloud how things were going with the Arney’s just last night. Thanks for the encouraging update. Let’s have dinner sometime over here.


  2. still pressing in, still seeking, still knocking, still asking. We will, we are, we know He is able, willing, trustworthy. Great blog’s from the boy’s! You are a dearly loved family. Blessings Stef

  3. Praying for strength for all of you. You are an amazing family and a real blessing for so many. Thanks for the update.

  4. Thank you for the update … we were just wondering out loud the other day about all of you. Moku heard that Samuel got his permit and was jealous for a while, but now he’s got his too!
    We continue to pray for all of you and as always,
    We love you!

    Ron, Lei-Ann, Moku and Haku

  5. Ray, Kathy and my prayers stay with you, Jane and family. You are truly an incredible man, showing more strength and preservence than I could imagine. Stay strong, I know you are…and keep believing.

  6. Hi Ray,
    Jeff Here. I read the last update Jane wrote, about the little things you did for her and the places you took her like Half Moon Bay. I got teary eyed. You, my man are a great husband!

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  8. Hi Jane,
    I have insomnia all the time-it’s my life-so you are in good company. Or course, you have a good reason for your insomnia. I am so happy about the good news and will share with Naoko. Gambatte ne!

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