In The Bones

A quick visit with Lisa

We were very excited when Jane returned from her last trip to S.F.  because the according to the scans there wasn’t any new growth in the brain. Shortly after Jane’s return from San Francisco we had a nice visit from our friend and one of Jane’s nurses, Lisa Miller (RN).   Jane’s next MRI will be in April to confirm the those findings. 


Since the last post Jane has had a CT scan of the body, that revealed that there was some growth and spreading of cancer in the bone.  As you can imagine, this is very disappointing.  


Jane’s hip has been sore on and off for a couple of months,  previous scans did not show any cancer so we thought it was just the way that she was sitting or sleeping, but the CT scan showed that pain in the hip is cause by new cancer growth.  The pain makes it hard for Jane to walk and to be active as she is used to.  The doctor recommend that Jane get radiation on the hip to stop the grow and reduce the pain. 


The scan also showed that there was new growth in the back and neck.  These are places that have been stable over the last 3 or 4 years.  The doctor recommended that we change the bone strengthening medication.  If there is continued growth in the bones, I think the doctor will recommend radiation.


Please continue to cover us with prayer.  Each day is a struggle for Jane, she is really discouraged with the results from the CT scan and her limited mobility.  This will be hard for her because her friend, Liz, who has been staying with us for the last month will be returning to the mainland.  Liz has been a real blessing, she has been able to spend a lot of time with Jane, take her to doctors appointments, drive the boys and use her killer culinary skills.  But with Liz returning to the mainland, Jane will  be home alone and tied to the house.  It is important to pray for her this week to ensure that loneliness does not get the best of her.


6 thoughts on “In The Bones

  1. Ray, Jane, and Boys,
    We think of you all often and keep you constantly in our thoughts and prayers! We love you guys!!!

  2. thank you for the update, ray. the durants will continue to pray for jane’s comfort and peace of mind as well as healing.

    we think of your family always. praying for samuel and gabriel as they continue their studies and helping around the house.

    we love all of you … give jane big hugs from us!!

  3. Mahalo for the update on Jane. Please let me know if you need any help with dinner.
    Our MC will continue to pray for the Light of the Holy Spirit to heal Jane and give her the strength she needs for her treatments. May Father God watch over you and your ohana.

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