What’s up with Jane

What’s Up With Jane?

The most important development is a small lump on the left side of Jane’s throat. She will be going to get a CT scan today and an MRI tomorrow.  I think that once the doctor see the results of the scans she will request a biopsy.

This week and next week Jane is and will continue to receive radiation treatment on her hip.  It is a daily dose that takes about 5 to 10 minutes, but it requires a trip to the hospital daily. 

Over the last couple of weeks Jane’s back has been acting up.  She is having spasms in her lower back requiring her to be onsome power pain medication and muscle relaxers.  The side effects are are confusion, sometimes she forgets things (whether or not she has taken medication) or has a hard time accompishing things.  On the bright side they tend to help her relax and her mood is good.  The biggest thing we have to worry about is the addictive nature of the drugs. 


As always continue to pray for Jane’s total and complete healing.  God has done greater things and we must maintain the hope of what God can and will do.  Please pray for Jane as she gets the scans that she would be relaxed and her back will not bother her.  Pray for the results of the scans that they would identify the problem and that they would be easily care for (not Cancer).  Pray for her continued good spirits.  One of the most important things for Jane is to build memories with the boys.  This year we are planning on take a vacation, the first one in a bunch of years.  Please pray that we are able to go on vacation and that Jane remains in good heath.


6 thoughts on “What’s up with Jane

  1. Mate, you got our prayers and especially for a great holiday/vacation. Thankful for you both and for Sams and Gabu. We are continuing to lift you all up for strength of mind, body, soul and that the Spirit will keep you all healthy.

    We are trying to save money to get back in December, so hopefully will see you. I may come back for E&I, but not sure…

  2. We’re always praying…pray unceasingly..whenever your on our minds which is often…good to have and build memories together. Have a wonderful and blessed time together..I think our family is overdue for one as well!

    Love you and miss you guys!
    The McWilliams Ohana

  3. Hi Family,

    Available any time for massage and prayer. If you need a spot for the boys while Jane has her surgery they are welcome to stay at our house.

    Blessings, The Anderson Ohana

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