The results of Jane’s last MRI (June 24th) were a mixed bag.  The MRI showed no new tumors and two existing tumors that grew a little.  The big problem is swelling that is persistent around one of the growing tumors. 

The Swelling

The swelling around the tumber is so extensive it has cause the brain to shift slightly and is putting pressure on the brain.  The swelling can cause headaches and all sorts of other side effects, left untreated it could be deadly. 


In the past we have been able to attack the tumors with radiation and the swelling with steroids.  On our last trip to  UCSF, Dr. Sneed, the Radiation Oncologist,  told us that we might want to consider brain surgery.  After careful consideration we decided to stay with the radiation and steroids.  The treatment was not as effective as we had hoped and the swelling has increased. 

To deal with the tumor and to ease the swelling, Dr. Sneed has again recommended brain surgery. This time we are in full agreement.  The risk from surgery is low and benefits are high.  We are now thinking of this as a “No Brainer” (pun intended).  One of the biggest benefits is that after the surgery, the tumor will  be gone and the swelling should go down quickly, reducing the time that Jane will need to be on steroids. 

We have scheduled surgery at the end of this month.  Jane and I will flight to S.F. on a Monday, meet with the doctors/surgeons on Tuesday and she will have surgery on Wednesday.  This type of surgery usually requires a 3 day hospital stay.  That means that Jane could be released on Friday or the following Monday.  Jane’s sister will come to S.F on the weekend to take care of Jane until she is ready to come back the following week.

Other Things

Jane’s  continues to have back spasms daily, usually in the afternoon or evening.  Jane also has a pinched nerve that causes numbness in her left hand and sends shocking pain down her left arm.  Muscle relaxers seem to be helping the back pain and we are working with a doctor who specializes in dealing with pain to manage the pinched nerve. 

The constant pain in her left arm keeps her awake at night or will wake her up in the middle of the night.  The boys and I massage her hand and arm many times in the day and night to help relieve the pain.   As you can imagine the constant pain has really taken a toll on Jane.



Pray for Jane’s health, she need to be health get the surgery.  Pray for our flights (the cost is crazy, because of the short notice and summer).  Pray for the pinched nerve and back spasms, dealing with one thing is hard enough, but the compounding effects of these conditions need to be eliminated.  Pray for Jane’s spirit and for the boys.  Pray for Samuel, he has taken on a lot helping with Jane during the days.  Gabriel has a summer job and I am working, leaving Samuel at home to watch over Jane.  Both boys do a great job taking care of their mom, I am so proud of them!

Thank you for always praying for us!


5 thoughts on “Swelling

  1. Thank you, Ray. My prayers are with you and the boys, and everyone involved in Jane’s care. Hope we can catch up in person soon…let us know if you find yourself in the Kailua area with a bit of time.

  2. Ray and Jane,
    When will Jane and Linda be in SF. Let us know if you need our help in SF. A place to stay, any kind of help, and Grace can drive?
    Mark and Grace

  3. We are steadfastly praying for Jane and the whole family. You were our first ohana here on the Island, and we so wish we could do more and find comfort in the fact that prayer is a powerful thing. We love you guys so much and want you to know how much we’re supporting you from afar! May God’s face shine upon you and bring you peace and bless the surgeons hands and wisdom.

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