San Francisco

We arrived in S.F. yesterday about 3:00 Pm.  Our good friends Mark and Grace picked us up from the airport and have allow us to base out of their home.  They are family away from home!

UCSF Medical Center

UCSF is  spread all over downtown S.F.  We started our morning by heading up to China Basin for Jane’s MRI.  Once we arrived and fill out all the necessary paperwork, the technician told us that they were running way behind and that they could send us to UCSF at Parnassus and get us in right away.  This was good news, because we had to go to Parnassus to check-in with the hospital and meet with the doctor.

The technician gave us a voucher and called us a taxi.  The cab picked us up out front and we SPED off toward Parnassus.  The drivre had it down, he was swerving in and out of traffic, yelling at the guy that waited for the light to turn green before turning right and then honked at the guy in front of him that stop at a cross walk.  The whole time he was complaining about how bad the drivers were.  I think we broke the recorded for the time it took to get from one end of the city to the other.

Once at the hospital, Jane at a big breakfast.  It was good to see her appetite return, probably the steroids.  After she ate, we checked in at the hospital.  UCSF has been fantastic over the last few years that we have been coming.  Jane was a little disturbed by the lack of professionalism that she encountered this time.  It is really uncharacteristic of what we have come to expect. Once the initial check-in was completed, we met with the nurse, who was great, and got all the information for tomorrows surgery.

We had a little time after we finished checking-in before we had to see the surgeon, so we went across the street and ate lunch.

After Lunch we met with the Surgeon, Dr McDermott.  He reviewed Jane’s brain MRI from June and thebrain MRI from this morning, side-by-side.  After looking at them, he explained that the decadron (steroid) that Jane has been taking for the last few weeks has really helped the swelling to go down.  There were two spots that he compared for us.  The first was the big one with all the swelling and the second was a little smaller, but was fully encompassed by the swelling.  In the comparison both spots were noticeably smaller and he told us that area was just dead tissue.  Dr. McDermott told us that he would biopsy both spots, but he was pretty sure that they would both be negative for tumor/cancer. As far as the surgery goes, he said that would try to cut in the hairline and would sew the scalp back together, instead of stapling it.

After looking at all the images, Dr. McDermott examined Jane.  He did a very extensive job looking at her left arm and was concerned and puzzled by her pain and lack of diagnosis.  He said that he would order a PET scan once the surgery was completed and Jane was resting in the hospital.  He was concerned that there could be a tumor somewhere in the shoulder or neck that could be causing the pain.  Knowing that Dr. McDermott is determined to discover the origin of her 24/7 pain made Jane very happy.

Pastor Brian

My good friend and dive partner, Pastor Brian, arrived at the hospital just after we finished the doctors appointment.  He will be here with us during the surgery and for the rest of the week, give us spiritual and emo support.


Tomorrow, Jane will check in around 12:20 PM and surgery is schedule to start at 2:20 PM.  Dr. McDermott told us that the surgery will last about 3 to 3.5 hours.  She should be out of surgery and in recovery by 6:00 PM.


Continue to pray for Jane’s healing,  the doctors skill and for the surgery tomorrow. Pray for the boys, who are staying at home with “The AWESOME Auntie Liz.” Pray for Jane’s mom, as she is really concerned.  Pray and bless Mark and Grace for the wonderful hospitality that they have afforded us.

I will try to update the blog throughout the day tomorrow.

Thanks for you prayers and support!


5 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Ray and family, we continue to pray for Jane and your family, healing, and strength. May God pour blessings over each one of you.

    God Bless,
    Ed & Bernie Smith

  2. Aloha and welcome to CA. We are continuing to partner with you guys in prayer for Jane’s full recovery. This has gone on long enough and Jesus already paid for this suffering. Lord, just invade Jane’s body, remove all the bad cells and replace them with only good, healthy cells. Lord, your word never is void of substance, so by your words, Jane is healed.

    If you are able to come to Redding, it would be great to see you guys. It would be even better if you could come with us to Alturas on Sunday morning. <y family and I are going to preach/teach, then have a healing service at a small church in this small town in the north east corner of CA. Love to see you if Jane is able to travel and if you are still in CA.

    Blessings to you and the family.

  3. Ray and family. We continue to pray for Jane and all of you. Your family strength is beyong my imagination. Best always, your aging shipmate.

  4. We come into agreement with the prayers that have been prayed and continue to cry out for Jane. We pray the peace of God be upon the entire family and that the hand of God hold and heal and comfort Jane through this process. God hear our prayers…

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