The End of a Long Day


The surgery is over and Jane is resting in ICU.  Pastor Brian, Mark and I got to spend about two hours with her this evening after the surgery.  She looked great!  I sent Gabriel and Samuel a picture of her in ICU.  Gabriel said that she looked like Toad from the Mario games, all she needed was red spots on her head wrap.

The Surgery

The Neurosurgeon said that the surgery went well and that he removed the dead portion of the brain that was causing the swelling,  He told us that the preliminary results were negative for cancer.  That means that the previous radiation treatments worked.

The Rest of The Week

Jane is scheduled for a brain  MRI tomorrow and will have PET scan on Friday to assess the rest of her body.  Linda will arrive on Saturday.  Jane should be released from the hospital on Saturday.

If you are in the area and want to visit Jane in the hospital, give me a call or send me an email to coordinate.  Jane said that she would really enjoy seeing people.


Thanks for all the prayers and wishes.  Please let me ask you to continue to cover us in prayer.  We need for Jane to continue to recover quickly.  Pray against infection, pray that pain in her arm is gone and that she gets good rest.  Pray for her continued healing.

Again thanks for all your prayers, it makes a world of difference.


10 thoughts on “The End of a Long Day

  1. Thanks, as always, for keeping us posted, Ray. So glad things went well. We shall continue to pray for Jane’s complete healing, and for everything surrounding this. That includes your needs as well!

  2. Jane, you and the family were in my thoughts all day! Thank God that things went well. God Speed for a fantastic recovery. The Ito Family!

  3. Dear Jane and Ray,
    So thankful the surgery went so well!! Thank you for all the updates! We will continue to pray for Jane’s recovery and healing. I wish I was in CA so that I could come visit you in the hospital!

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