Road to Recovery

I saw Jane first thing this morning.  She was looking great.  Her attitude was strong and she wanted to do everything by herself.

The Brain

Jane was a little confused this morning.  She kept mixing up time and places.  She was struggling hard to try to grasp on to reality.  I believe that it is a mixture of the drugs/pain medication and the surgery.  She kept forgetting things that I would tell her in conversation and was very persistant.


Jane was moved from ICU about 4:30 this afternoon.  Her room is on the end of the wing and has large windows on two sides.  Visiting hours are from 8:30 Am to 7:oo PM.  She is recieving visitors, but she may or may not be lucid and awake.


Jane started off the day looking great, both of her eyes were open and were almost the same size.  Her left arm had very little pain (probably the really strong pain medication).  As the day progressed her head began to swell a little and her right eye began to get really swollen and started to turn black and blue.  The nusre told us this might happen and was pretty common.  The swelling could last two to three days.  Jane did get up out of bed and walked around the wing for about 5 minutes with the Physical Therapist, she did really well.

Due to the bandage on her head, she cannot wear earphones and was really bummed that she could not listen to the worship music on her iPod.  Tonight, I picked up an iHome with a remote control so she can listen to music.  She said that is what she need to get better quick.

I did not get a chance to talk to her doctor today as he was out sick.  I talked to one of his nurse and she said that we were really lucky that he didn’t get sick yesterday.  Otherwise, we would have had to wait a few days for Jane’s surgery.


Pray for Jane to continue to recover quickly.  Pray that the swelling goes down quickly and continue to pray for the pain that has been pleaguing her left hand and arm would be removed from her.  Pray that her body get strong. Pray that she get the rest she needs and that her mind would be come crystal clear.   Pray for her PET scan tomorrow, that the doctors would be able to isolate the issue that is causing her left eye to droop and the pain in her left arm.


2 thoughts on “Road to Recovery

  1. Ray and Jane,
    So glad to hear about all the progress toward Jane’s full recovery. It sounds just like Jane to continue to put worshiping God as top priority, and I am humbled by that example. Many prayers are going up in Pennsylvania for Jane, the doctors, and ALL her great supporters as she continues this journey back to health.
    Love and hugs,

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