Looking Better

I didn’t get the chance to update last night because Brian and I stayed the night in the hospital.  Jane woke up early on Friday morning and was disoriented.  She was looking for me and tried to have the nurse give me a call.  When the nurse wouldn’t call she thought there was a conspiracy to keep her in the hospital.  I figured that it would be best if I stayed, that way when she would wake up she would see me.

Who Knows What is Going on?

I was little frustrated yesterday. Jane had to fast in order to get her PET scan.  She woke up hungry and kept asking for food.  They finally came and got Jane at about 11:00 AM and she did not return to the room until almost 4:00 PM.  When she returned she was really hungry!  The nurse refused to give her any food because the doctor had to release to eat. Jane couldn”t understand why she couldn’t eat.  I had to keep reminding her that the doctor had to release her.

The doctor released her to eat about 4:00 PM, but he nurse was in the middle of changing wings and forgot to tell us.  The oncoming nurse came flying in Jane’s room about 5:00 PM apologizing and helped us to get Jane some food.

After we got Jane settled, I asked the nurse when I would get a chance to talk to the doctor.  She kind of looked at me like I was crazy and told me the doctor would probably not be in to see Jane.  I was in disbelief, I told her that I had only see the doctor the day of the surgery and it would be nice to get an update from him.  I also told her that I it would like the results of the PET scan, because it was Friday and the doctor would most likely not be in on Saturday.  Again, she looked at me like I was crazy.

After a little encouragement, she told me she would call the doctor and see if they would stop by and discuss the results of the PET scan with us.  She came back a few minutes later and said the doctor “might” stop in between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM.   To no one’s surprise the doctor did not show.

Preliminary Results

The doctor (Intern or assistant to the surgeon) finally showed up at about 6:30 AM.  She did a quick assessment of Jane and said she was doing good. Then she told us that she would remove the drain tube from Jane’s head and redress her incision later this afternoon.  I ask her about the PET scan and she told us that only a preliminary read had been done and it looked like there might be active metastisis in the shoulder blade area and possibly in the swollen lymph-node on her neck.  The good, this is what could be causing her arm pain.  The bad, it could be active cancer.    Either way, we won’t get the results until Monday.  For now is just getting strong enough to get back to Hawaii.  Once there we will discuss this with our oncologist.



We are still not sure if Jane will be discharged today, the physical therapist and the occupational therapist will need to assess Jane.  If they feel that she is mobile enough and that she can take care of herself (with assistance), she will be discharged.  I’m thinking discharge, but it all depends on how Jane is feeling when the PT/OT show up.

Pastor Brian's Shenanigans

Toad: Caught In The Act

Gabriel saw the picture of Jane with the white bandage on her head and said that she looked like Toad from Mario.  I did a quick search and sure enough she looks like Toad.  We (Brian, Jane and I) laughed about this. I stepped out of the room for one minute, when I return this is what I found!



Jane really wanted to capture the moment for the boys.




Pray for Jane’s hand, the pain continues to cause discomfort and keeps her awake.  The pain medicine doesn’t work on her arm.  Pray she continue to heal quickly and for the results of the PET scan, for quick action from our doctors upon our return.  Pray for her rest and for Linda’s fight.  Pray that we all get some sleep tonight, as Brian and I will fly back tomorrow.  Pray for Linda as she takes over Jane’s care and transition to the hotel.  The main things is just to pray!



5 thoughts on “Looking Better

  1. Again, many thanks to you, Ray, for keeping everyone updated and clearly relating what’s going on. I’m sorry about the communication problems in the facility; seeing the surgeon seems like a reasonable request to make! I continue to pray for everything involving this treatment, and know that many others are doing the same. Blessings to you all,


  2. Pastor Ray, I’m so glad Brian is there for you both, I will keep praying for my friend and sister, love you both. Yoyo.

  3. Steve and I are praying for Jane and a speedy recovery….we are praying for your strength through the coming days….we love you..

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