Making ourselves at home

I am trying to make our hotel our home for the next week. However, I was a little disappointed since I was expecting something else. (Our friend, Liz, had spoiled us with a 2 bedroom, handicap accessible suite the last time we stayed in a hotel in the San Jose area.) That’s not to say that this place (Homewood Suites) is bad since we get hot breakfasts and dinner (M-Th) and it does have a separate bedroom where my sister can sleep.

Last night was rough as she needs help with everything. So every few hours, we’re up, going to the bathroom, eating, trying to get comfortable, deciding what medications can/should be taken. Please pray that she can get the good rest that she needs to recovery sufficiently by Saturday to fly home. Please pray that I get sufficient rest so that I don’t get sick. Also, pray for my back since I’m not used to hauling her up and down.

~Posted by Linda, sister


4 thoughts on “Making ourselves at home

  1. Linda,

    Yes, we are definitely praying for good rest, comfort and always healing for Jane. Thank you for updating.

    Our love and thoughts are with you, Jane and the family!
    The McWilliams’ Ohana

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