Establishing a routine

Our day/night is eat and sleep, eat and sleep, eat and sleep. And always take meds. The steroids make her hungry so every time she wakes up, she needs a meal. Then she gets tired and goes back to sleep for an hour or two. (Got 3 hours in one stretch last night!) She felt “energetic” enough to take a bath. But that was an ordeal since I don’t have the muscle to hoist her out of the tub. Very draining on both of us so no more sit down baths until she gets home!

Her swallowing is getting better, as is her vision because of the swelling that’s going down in her brain. But the pain in her arm is getting worse. She will need to do more radiation on her clavicle area when she returns home. Pray that the pain medication she has will work even better than before so that she can get the needed rest. (Getting more of this pain medication was interesting since a doctor in another state cannot prescribe narcotics for a patient not in the same state. Plus, it cannot be called into a pharmacy. I have to go back up to SF to physically get the prescription to give to a pharmacy. Can’t figure out how someone can get addicted to pain meds since getting them in the first place is so difficult!)


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