Slight set back

So my sister was beginning to feel better and decided to allow me to sleep some more. So she got up, was able to go to the bathroom by herself and get food for herself. Then she watched an hour of TV, going to bed without taking her meds. When she woke up later, her head was hurting her because she hadn’t taken her medication. So we’re back on our schedule and she’s taking it easy.

If you’d like, stop by our place, Homewood Suites at 10 Trimble Road (near 1st). Bldg, 2, Room 200. I think between the hours of 10:00 and 7:00 would be best. It would be just like visiting her in the hospital. She can’t talk much but will lie there with her eyes closed and smile.


One thought on “Slight set back

  1. We would like to come by tomorrow early afternoon to visit. Are you in San Jose? Can we call the hotel directly or is there a cell number we can reach you Linda? Greg’s cell is 408-910-0371 and mine (Lisa) is 408-393-0260. We were thinking of coming around 1:30.
    Love you all, Lisa and the Lebovitz Fam

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