Thank you God! (And Dr. Fischberg)

Last night after my all-points-bulletin for prayer, God answered via a phone conversation with my sister’s pallative care doctor, Dr. Fischberg. He said he had told us that once the decadron was tapered off, she would/might feel more pain. I don’t remember that since at the time of her appointment with him, I thought that her arm pain might be from the necrosis in her brain. (Unfortunately, the pain is from cancer in her clavicle area.) Anyway, because of his insight, I’ve gone back up on her decadron until she gets back home, where she can be under the doctor’s care. She’s able to rest comfortably and we won’t run out of the pain medication until we get back to Hawaii. God is good.

She mentioned that she wasn’t going to live in fear (the fear that the pain is coming, it’s coming now, it’s here) but rather trust in God to keep her from that fear and dread. She mentioned that she meditated on what Lisa Kai spoke about at church, that God does not give us a spirit of fear and timidity but the spirit of love, power and self-control. (Jane’s paraphrase) It’s amazing the support she is receiving (and how quickly). Thank you.

Tomorrow afternoon, we leave for home. How sweet that will be. (Especially since Ray got us first class seats!) Pray that I can figure out the logistics of returning the car, luggage, and her in her wheelchair.


One thought on “Thank you God! (And Dr. Fischberg)

  1. Just wanted you all to know that I am praying for your family during this post-surgery and transition time. Please update when you can regarding Jane’s condition and care. So many are “lifting up your weary arms” with prayer and the strength of prayer. Lovingly, Ann

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