Race For The Cure

The Cure

One of the best things that happened to Jane in this battle, has been her introduction to, and friendship with Kara England.  Kara, owner and operator of “A Time To Heal”,  is a massage therapist that donates a significant amount of time to cancer patients and other types of community service.  She gives to others in a way that would amaze and humble anybody.  Kara has gone out of her way to teach the boys and I how to massage Jane.  Massages give Jane relief from pain and helps with circulation. 

We Can Help!

For this year’s “Race For The Cure”  Kare is highlighting Jane and the battle that she has fought to help raise funds to STOP breast cancer.  Kara put together TEAM JANE  in order to raise $1000.  On October 16th, we invite you to join TEAM JANE, including Jane, Samuel, Gabriel and myself as we embark on a one mile walk at Kapi`olani Park to help reach this goal. 

 There are two ways you can join us, you can sign up to walk with us or you can just donate.  If you are going to walk you can join TEAM JANE (by clicking on any of the TEAM JANE’s in this post), the cost is $30 dollars.  Once you sign up for the team you will be able to set your own personal fundraising goal, which will be added to the team total.  The second way you can help is by donating.  You can click on the TEAM JANE link, it will take you to the TEAM JANE page.  Once you are on the page you can either click on the “Donate to this Team!” button or you can click on a team member to help them reach their goal.  You can continue to donate to the team or team member even if the goal is reached. 

 Although, we are raising funds in Jane’s name, the true reason is to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!


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