Shoulder to Hip


Jane’s still has no use of her left arm.  She finished her 14th radiation treatment today, so far we have seen no improvement in her arm.  Radiation sometimes take time to work.


Jane had an MRI of her mid-section on Wednesday last week. The MRI revealed that she had a tumor on her L5 vertebrae causing a small fracture and pressing on the nerve.  The doctors believe that this is the cause of the pain in her left hip.  The pain is pretty severe if she stands very long.  It is painful for her to walk to the bathroom, kitchen or to the car to go to radiation.

On Monday morning Jane got out to go into the kitchen, she was real dizzy and fell forward.  Since she does not have the use of her left arm she fell pretty hard and is now the owner of some really mean bruises.  Since Monday the pain in her hip has worsened and her legs are getting weaker.  She now needs to have one of us help her out of bed and help her  walk around.


While she finished the radiation on her shoulder today, she started a new regiment on her lower back (L5) today.  She will have 5 treatments, ending on July 3.   The radiation has made her very tire and we are all looking forward to the last one.  Although the  treatments don’t last long, Jane still has to get up, get dressed and the go to Ewa for the treatment.


Since Jane is on some pretty heavy-duty pain medication, she is often confused and has a hard time remembering and it gets worse when she is tired.


Our palliative care physician recommended that we talk to hospice care.   I was really hesitant to do this because I felt like it would mean that we are giving up. He told us that it would be a good idea just to get to know the program and what it consists of.  So, today we met with the represenative from St. Francis Hospice care.  There goal is to help people live the fullest life that they can, for as long as they can.  We are not quite ready to make the move to hospice, but is is good to know what options are out there.

Get Away

We missed our 20th Anniversary last year because Jane was unable to really do anything. So, I have planned a two-day stay at Turtle Bay. I got a room with a balcony so we can sit and relax. We Probably won’t do much, but it will be good for her to just relax….no doctors…no house….no kids…..Just relax!


There is a lot to pray for!  I first think that we need to pray for God to heal Jane.  It must always be the first and foremost prayer.  Pray for Jane not to be tire, and for the relief of pain.  Pray for the boys, Sam has been take care of Jane when I leave for work until Jane’s mom comes over in the late morning.  He has been doing a fantastic job. Gabe has been working and helping out at home.  Pray for the rest of the summer, the boys will be in summer school and that means that Jane will be at home alone in the early hours.  Pray for our get away, for peace, relaxation and our time together.


Thanks for your care and support



3 thoughts on “Shoulder to Hip

  1. What a gift to your family you are Jane. Your strength and courage is admirable. We can all learn something from your journey. Thanks for giving it your all and know that those around you continue to be blessed by you and your family. God Speed! Prayers from the Ito family.

  2. we are praying for you and Jane and your family we love you all dearly, we pray your trip was special and lasting memories, love you all , Ryan Karen Levi and Shannon and Brandon and our new Granddaughter Ava Grace

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