End of a Long Day

We spent the day with a lot of friends and family, praying, and speaking softly to Jane.  For the majority of the day she slept peacefully, only opening her eyes and moaning occasionally.   After a number of people got to spend time with Jane the boys and I took some alone time to pray over Jane and share memories with her.  One of the most important things that Jane would talk about over the last couple of years was make memories for her and especially for the boys.

I told Jane that she is special to God and that her ministry to those around her are special as well.  She has always been one to ensure that everyone got ministered to.  Yesterday on the way home from lunch she notice a lady that was crying and proceeded to pray most of the way home.  As I was rubbing her feet today the Lord put Romans 10:15 on my heart.  “Beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”

At about 7:00 PM Jane became aware of who was in the room and when she would wake up she would recognize who was in the room and communicate briefly and fall back to sleep.  Sometime her communication was with a sigh, a moan, calling for her parents or just a look of recognition.

We have been trying to give her pain medication to ensure that she is not in pain, but it is hard to tell since she is not able to communicate clearly.  As we close out the night continue to pray that Jane is not in any pain and for those of us here holding the night watch.  Tomorrow morning I will meet with the hospice nurse and start working with them.


5 thoughts on “End of a Long Day

  1. Ray, I let Chris read this blog tonight (4:30 am Monday) and as he was lying there praying for you all, he had an image of Jane on ridge amongst fields of gold (wheat or something) and heather and the air was cool and the wind was in her hair and she was running with exuberance and the sun felt warm on her. It was so beautiful and peaceful. He doesn’t know what all that means, and his mom died suddenly of cancer a couple of years ago and all the time he prayed for his mom, he never had a vision like that for her, so that’s interesting that we’ve been given that image of Jane. Love to you all. May the Lord who knows all things and loves us so very, very much wrap His strong arms around you all.

  2. Sending our love and prayers for you, Jane, Samuel and Gabriel during this time. So thankful that Jane is surrounded by all her family and friends, and that her hope and future is in the hands of the Jesus. Please give our love to Linda and Todd, and Mr. and Mrs. Ishii, knowing that this is so difficult for them as well. Wishing so much that we could be with you, but please know that you will be in our hearts and prayers without ceasing in the days ahead. Love you all so much and if you get the chance, please tell Jane that I love her so much – her friendship is something I have always, and will always, cherish. With love, Rosana

  3. We have been in continued prayer for Jane and your family. We have also been praying for God’s strength and peace upon you Ray. You are an awesome husband and father!

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