Prayers for Jane and Family

I just wanted to update you on Jane’s condition.  We were hoping that the medication and increase in the steroids would help, but this morning when I woke Jane up for her medicine she was incoherent and unable to walk.  She was asking for her mother and father and speaking to me in Japanese. 

Jane is in and out of consciousness and moans.  The boys are shaken up by this quick turn of health, because we had taken her and some friends out to lunch just the day before. 

I will be talking to hospice tomorrow to see what assistance they can lend us.

I know that you are praying for us.  Please pray for me and the boys as we go through this.  Pray for Jane to have peace and for her parents and sisters, who are here with us.  Pray for Pastor Brian, I have asked that he be here for the pastor support and as a friend.  We have prayer warriors here who just want to be by Jane’s side.

Pray for the boys and I as we deal with this emotionally.  We are all good at compartmentalizing things.  I have talked with them a little about this and am trying to help them to understand that it is okay to have the feelings that they are having, even if we don’t know how display them.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. 


6 thoughts on “Prayers for Jane and Family

  1. I am praying for all of you: Jane, Ray, Samuel, Gabe, Linda, Todd, Grandma & Grandpa. Tears are in my eyes as I reflect on this post. I am so grateful for faith in God as we know He is the one and only powerful God of miracles. Our Lord is compassionate and filled with loving-kindness. May His peace and His hope grow brighter moment by moment within each of you. We love you all. Please know that our prayers will be steadfast and passionate for you and yours….xo ❤

  2. We keep in our hearts…forever….the memories of those that we love. The Ito’s continue to keep yall in our hearts and prayers. Jen

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