Memorial Service

I want to thank you all for you love and support though this process.  The whole family was blessed as each of you who got time to share with Jane over her last days.  I was alway amazed at the smile that came on to her face each time someone new walked in to the room.  Yes, we will all miss her!

Memorial Service

Jane’s memorial service will be held on at 7:00 PM, August 24th in our home church, Hope Chapel West Oahu.  I believe the doors will open at 5:30 PM, attire is casual Aloha. Our church has graciously agreed to stream Jane’s memorial service.  The few times that Jane was unable to make it to church, the boys and I gathered around Jane on the bed and watch the service via live stream.  It really encouraged Jane to participate in the service even when we couldn’t make it.  The service will be available at

I will pass more information as it becomes available.

Thanks again for the kind thoughts, blessings and prayers!


5 thoughts on “Memorial Service

  1. We will be there. It will truly be an honor. Jack and I still remember how you and Jane were the first people to welcome us to HCWO almost nine years ago! And we have many fond memories of our time in your minichurch. Even though we haven’t be blessed to see you as much these past few years, you have all remained in our hearts and prayers. Our love and prayers are with you now. If we can be of help in any way, just let us know.

  2. Ray, We are honored to have met Jane. My only regret was not getting to know Jane on a more personal level. We are deeply sorry for your lost. As I read John 8:51 “Truly, Truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps my word he shall never see death.” As I read this verse I immediately thought of Jane. She will never experience spiritual death because of her faith she will possess spiritual life though she dies physically this death is temporary being eventually overcome by the resurrection of the body. And in John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me; and I give eternal life to them, and they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of the Father’s hand. I and the father are one…..In remembrance of Jane Arney! May God’s Blessings be with you always.

  3. (Re-post from Facebook comment on Jane’s page, via Lisa Lebovitz’ FB account)

    Over the past two-plus weeks it’s been a struggle to sit down and write this. A lot of emotion is certain to arise when I finally begin. It doesn’t take a Psych Ph.D. to see this avoidance.

    Jane and Ray were used by God in a very pivotal time of my life. The love and bond with them runs very deep in me, like family. The Pacific has separated us for many years, but the spiritual connection has not waned. It has been so painful to be so far away as the Arney family has battled the cancer in Jane, both physically and emotionally. We have been grateful for the visits we’ve had in both Hawaii and San Jose. We longed to be more present.

    We went to church together in San Jose / Santa Clara for two years in 1992-94, before I left for a twelve month stint on the East Coast. When I was moving back in the Spring of 1995 Ray & Jane offered to house me upon my return. I lived with them, and baby “Sam-O”, as Jane called him, for about a year. It was just a year, 17 years ago, but it was a major transition point in my life, and Ray, Jane and Sam-O were the perfect covering for me to move through it. Linda and Todd were also a part, as they lived in the unit upstairs in the Neet Avenue quad-plex.

    Jane was a kind, gentle, soothing, encouraging sister. At a time when I was habitually feeling alone, overwhelmed, and anxiously uncertain about how I would make my way in this big scary world, Jane talked with me over and over again about how she too had faced fear and anxiety in her early twenties, and how she and Ray had worked together with Jesus through those fears. She assured me that life isn’t as difficult as it seemed to her in her earlier days, and that just as God had taken care of her, step-by-step, and day-by-day, he would take care of me. I took great comfort in her reassurance. I needed to hear it over and over again, but God finally penetrated my anxiety with her assurance of His provision.

    I’ll always cherish Jane’s enormous smile and sweet laugh. The combination of those two could soothe and cheer any situation.

    In those days (maybe still?) she would often say with that smile and laugh, “Oh well, I guess that’s not getting done today” and happily move on with what she could do. Seventeen years later the wisdom of that perspective proves itself more and more profound.

    Some norms that persist in our (Lebovitz’) current household that Jane instilled during that year together include: Shoes off at the door. One sponge for washing dishes, another for wiping counters, and never the two shall mix. Hyper husbands must go play a sport at least once a week (surfing, volleyball, whatever). A big, quality, non-stick rice cooker is an essential.

    Jane cooked for me, shared her home and family with me, and, together with Ray, exemplified a loving, supportive, Godly, praying couple. They were not perfect, and I was able to see up close how they worked through the normal bumps of married life. As a child of divorced parents, the importance and impact of this tangible example was monumental for Christ’s development of my life. How better could one learn how to be a healthy spouse, if not by being able to see two up close, every day? God used Ray and Jane as that example for me. They also demonstrated great parenting.

    They prayed, counseled and coached me as I progressed in life, and in my relationship with Lisa, from dating to courtship, from courtship to engagement, through engagement, and finally to marriage. We spent our first married year in an apartment directly across the street from Ray and Jane, in New Testament-like Christian community, where they continued their coaching and care of us newlyweds. When they began their trek toward Hawaii, they placed us into that same 3-bedroom unit of the Ishii’s quad-plex where they had housed and cared for me. In turn, as they had done for us, we continued the service, bringing others in need into that home, covering them in God’s love. The fruit of their life in Christ hangs on the branches of our lives.

    Ray, Samuel, Gabriel – Please know that we have been praying for Jane and you all regularly for the past many years. A few years back our girls would ask God to please heal “Mrs. Arnia.” I guess that’s what happens when you read C. S. Lewis to little ones right before bedtime prayers. But they are older now, and Mrs. Arney has regularly been on their lips. Please also know that we have been praying for you daily since Jane’s deterioration and then her passing. Be assured that God loves you deeply, is pleased with you, and will walk you gently through this departure, pain, and celebration.

    Linda & Todd – You are also in our prayers. I know how close and dear Jane was to you. I hurt for you that you no longer have her tangibly with you, as you have for almost your entire life. God will give you another sister, not a replacement, but a new wine in a new wine skin.

    Mr. & Mrs. Ishii, Obachan & Ojichan (spelling?) – Thank you for all your support, care and generosity toward me and my family those years we lived in the Neet Avenue quad-plex. Your closeness and intimacy with your girls has been an indelible parental model before us. We are praying for you regularly too. Thank you for the gift of Jane. Thank you for your obedient following of Christ, which led to Jane’s obedience, which blessed so many of us. We join you in thanking God and celebrating the gift He gave us in her life.

    Jane – Thank you, sister. God’s love through you changed my life. Thank you for taking me into your home, and making me a part of your family. Though we miss you terribly, it frees us to see you released from suffering and pain. You walked well the path given you. “Well done good and faithful servant… enter into the joy of your master.” Matt 25:21

    In Him,
    Gregory Lebovitz

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