It Doesn’t Seem Like Is Has Been A Year

Today as Samuel and I were walking down the beach we both made the same comment, “It doesn’t seem like it has been a year.”


Samuel and I went to the North Shore to commemorate Jane’s life with leis and love.

  IMAG0294 IMAG0293 IMAG0291

After spending a few moment sitting and enjoying the beach (where we spread Jane’s ashes), Samuel and I toss a couple of leis in the ocean and then walked up and down the beach looking for shells and talking about Jane.  After we finished walking, we headed to Akoi’s for some shave Ice.  These are the things we would do with Jane whenever we had a break or a holiday.  All-in-all it was a nice day to spend with Sam and enjoy memories of Jane.

Where’s Gabe?

That is a great questions.  Gabriel is visiting my sister up in Washington.  He left in late July with Linda to visit colleges and then headed up to my sister’s house.  He is having a great time and I am sure he is being spoiled!  Here’s a few words from him:

This year has been one of the most interesting years of growth in my life, both spiritually, and as a person. This year was different from most because I was actively seeking out God, I was investing more time into my relationships, and also enjoying the time that we have as the “men” of the house. Even though my mom has been gone for a year I haven’t totally forgot about her, nor do I dwell upon the past, because no good will come of either of those two things. Instead I choose to honor her memory by trying my hardest to live a Godly life which she has raised me to do. I have recently been looking into different colleges on the mainland. (i.e. California, Oregon) I am currently in Sumas, Washington spending time with my family and relaxing.

I had a great year at school in regards to both the educational aspect and in the manner of friendships and relationships. At the beginning of the school year I started leadership class as an elective and had an amazing time leading with my friend David Leong. Another area of school that I particularly enjoyed this year was extracurricular activities such as sports and drama. I was in two productions that the school put on and I played soccer and volleyball. As the year progressed I made new friends and strengthened my relationship with old friends. Over all God really blessed my junior year and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me as a senior in this coming year.

Meanwhile at church, I was able to witness the amazing growth of the former Hope Chapel West Oahu being transformed into the present Inspire Church. While I did not serve at Inspire Church I was able to aid my aunty at her church in Pearl City. I witnessed God moving through Samuel and I as we played and sang for the kingdom of God. However, as Frank Sinatra would say, the best is yet to come. In the past couple of months, I have been blessed to be a part of an amazing team of missionaries that are going to the islands of Tonga. While in Tonga we hope to expand the Tongan’s vision of God by giving them a fresh perspective and empowering them with the Holy Spirit. These are just a few of the many things that God has shown himself to me in the past months.

In the next few years I hope to graduate from high school and attend a four-year college to obtain my degree in either journalism, photo journalism, or media arts. While I have a rough idea of what I would like to do, I’m still not sure if this is what God wants for my life. I have looked at Biola University, Azusa Pacific University, George Fox University, Corban University, Life Pacific University, and Point Loma University. In the next year I will send out applications and decide which college I feel called to go to.

As many of you know, today marks the one year anniversary of my mother’s death. While many may be grieving her loss, I encourage you to rejoice in a life that was lived to its potential. I am sad that she isn’t here to see me graduate high school and go off to college, however I’m reassured by the fact that she is in Heaven with my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here’s Sam:

Hello people. A lot has happened to me over this past year and now I’m moving towards big life changes as I head out to college on the 21st. High school is finally finished and I have successfully graduated from the most difficult year of school I’ve had so far.

My senior year was something of a mixed bag. Difficult but fun. Annoying but entertaining. My classmates and I struggled through work. thesis, and sometimes each other’s problems and the bonds I have forged with some of the people in that class will never be broken.  As a member of Trinity’s first graduating class I can only hope that we’ve set a Godly precedence as I continue to keep my many underclassmen in prayer.

The next big thing that has shown up in my life is college. I have spent a large majority of my summer both fretting and looking forward to this. This will be a big change for me as I will be separated from my main family and will be by myself.  I will be attending Corban University in Salem, Oregon and will be majoring in either history or literature education. but I’m leaning more towards history currently.

It definitely seems like it has been less than a year since Mom passed away. The whole family has been busy with things like school, work, college, and church. Nonetheless, I know my mom is still effecting the community around her. People still come up to me and the rest of the family saying, “Your mom was such an inspiration to me.” or “Jane touch my life when she…” It’s touching to know that she has helped so many people and I can only hope I do as well as I mature.


As you can see my to boys have turned into young men.  I am excited for Sam as he heads off to college.  His excitement is easy to spot.  He may not want to leave … but he really wants to go.  I will be taking him to the mainland later this month and will say good-bye until Christmas.  This will be his first year away from home on his birthday, which, falls on Thanksgiving day.    I will miss him greatly.

Gabe will be back next week and I look forward to hearing about his trip and seeing all the pictures that he took, he has a lot of talent.  This year will be interesting, Gabe will be a senior and he is becoming much more independent.

I am looking at trying to move out of our house by May next year.  I would like to rent out our house and buy something, a townhouse/condo, a little smaller.   The plan is to have this place  ready to rent by May, that is when the military rotate.  I am looking at a lot of change over the next year, both boys off to college and a new place to live.  It will be a new chapter and I am not sure where God will lead.  I just know that He has a plan.

As Gabe mentioned, we will be going to the Island Kingdom of Tonga on a missions trip.  We are both extremely excited about this opportunity and believe that God is going to do something great.  We will be in Tonga about ten days.  I have been told that we will be doing some teaching and outreach, but the primary purpose of this trip is to build relationship with the Foursquare Church there and to assess how God can use us and Inspire Church in the future.  This is an incredible opportunity and i believe that God has ordained this team and their church for this meeting.

I have a couple of thoughts on Jane and a few really important shout-outs.

I was thinking about the way that Jane changed my life.  When Jane and I were dating, someone real close to her told her that I was “out of her league.” Not sure what planet they were from, but they sure had that backwards.  I like to think that I married up.  Jane taught me that there is a difference be to good and fine.  For example, there are a lot of good restaurants, but they are not a fine dinning experience.  I had never eaten at a fine dinning restaurant until I met Jane and her family.  I though fine dinning was going to Sizzlers and getting all you can eat steak and shrimp with salad bar.  She taught or tried to teach me fashion.  I still don’t really get it, but I know that there is a difference between a $100 suit and a $500 suit.  When I was getting ready for my first interview after i got out of the Navy, Jane took me shopping for a suit.  I had never worn a suit (okay, leisure suits don’t count) in my life.  I went shopping with Jane and $300 later I had a suit that felt incredible.  I still have and fit that suit.  She taught me that I might as well take the two extra steps and put my close in the hamper instead of just leaving them on the floor.  She also taught me more about love then I ever thought possible and her insights into God’s kingdom were profound and kept me from making many mistakes.  Jane you are missed, I miss you! Thank you for all that you gave for so many.  Today you are snuggled up next to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, with a smile because the one that is holding you now has a plan for us.  “They are plans for good….,to give you a future and a hope.”  Keep smiling Sweet Pea 🙂


Shout outs

Inspire Church, we couldn’t make it with out you.  We are inspired by what God is doing in the church and in our lives as a result of your obedience!

 Vince and Julie Daubenspeck, you have always opened your house, your backyard and your hearts to us, you mean more to us then you know.

– Check out Vince’s new book “Kohola King of Whales” A great children’s book with fantastic artwork, guaranteed that your kid’s will want to read it again and again.

Rob Harmon:  You wrote the book on smiles!  Thanks for sending me one!!!!

– He really did write a book on Smiles: “Subrideo: Smiles are the Beginning of Laughter”  Rob wrote a small section on Jane here is a quote, “If there ever was a person who understood hope and having a plan, it’s Jane.  She has a smile that can melt away your worst problem on your worst day.  Her smile parts the darkest clouds and her words of encouragement can heal the hardest heart.  It is impossible to feel sorry for yourself in her presence because it fills you with joy.  I have never met anyone liker.  Her godly radiance says more that I own my smile. it says  I rejoice in the one who purchased it for me.

Yo B!

– You know



Thank you all so much for praying and caring for us.  Continue to pray for the boys and they make the transition to young men.  For Samuel as he goes off to college and Gabe as he finishes his last year of high school.  Pray for me as I have a lot of change coming.  Please pray for our missions trip to Tonga.


Thank you for being such a blessing to us!



One thought on “It Doesn’t Seem Like Is Has Been A Year

  1. Thanks for sharing so eloquently your journey through the past year. We truly miss Jane, and are so grateful to have had her in our lives. It is so awesome to know that despite the loss, that the Lord has been there, and blessed you all abundantly!

    (and WOW, the boys sure have grown up and matured. Jane would be so proud!)

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