Prayers for Jane and Family

I just wanted to update you on Jane’s condition.  We were hoping that the medication and increase in the steroids would help, but this morning when I woke Jane up for her medicine she was incoherent and unable to walk.  She was asking for her mother and father and speaking to me in Japanese. 

Jane is in and out of consciousness and moans.  The boys are shaken up by this quick turn of health, because we had taken her and some friends out to lunch just the day before. 

I will be talking to hospice tomorrow to see what assistance they can lend us.

I know that you are praying for us.  Please pray for me and the boys as we go through this.  Pray for Jane to have peace and for her parents and sisters, who are here with us.  Pray for Pastor Brian, I have asked that he be here for the pastor support and as a friend.  We have prayer warriors here who just want to be by Jane’s side.

Pray for the boys and I as we deal with this emotionally.  We are all good at compartmentalizing things.  I have talked with them a little about this and am trying to help them to understand that it is okay to have the feelings that they are having, even if we don’t know how display them.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. 

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Shoulder to Hip


Jane’s still has no use of her left arm.  She finished her 14th radiation treatment today, so far we have seen no improvement in her arm.  Radiation sometimes take time to work.


Jane had an MRI of her mid-section on Wednesday last week. The MRI revealed that she had a tumor on her L5 vertebrae causing a small fracture and pressing on the nerve.  The doctors believe that this is the cause of the pain in her left hip.  The pain is pretty severe if she stands very long.  It is painful for her to walk to the bathroom, kitchen or to the car to go to radiation.

On Monday morning Jane got out to go into the kitchen, she was real dizzy and fell forward.  Since she does not have the use of her left arm she fell pretty hard and is now the owner of some really mean bruises.  Since Monday the pain in her hip has worsened and her legs are getting weaker.  She now needs to have one of us help her out of bed and help her  walk around.


While she finished the radiation on her shoulder today, she started a new regiment on her lower back (L5) today.  She will have 5 treatments, ending on July 3.   The radiation has made her very tire and we are all looking forward to the last one.  Although the  treatments don’t last long, Jane still has to get up, get dressed and the go to Ewa for the treatment.


Since Jane is on some pretty heavy-duty pain medication, she is often confused and has a hard time remembering and it gets worse when she is tired.


Our palliative care physician recommended that we talk to hospice care.   I was really hesitant to do this because I felt like it would mean that we are giving up. He told us that it would be a good idea just to get to know the program and what it consists of.  So, today we met with the represenative from St. Francis Hospice care.  There goal is to help people live the fullest life that they can, for as long as they can.  We are not quite ready to make the move to hospice, but is is good to know what options are out there.

Get Away

We missed our 20th Anniversary last year because Jane was unable to really do anything. So, I have planned a two-day stay at Turtle Bay. I got a room with a balcony so we can sit and relax. We Probably won’t do much, but it will be good for her to just relax….no doctors…no house….no kids…..Just relax!


There is a lot to pray for!  I first think that we need to pray for God to heal Jane.  It must always be the first and foremost prayer.  Pray for Jane not to be tire, and for the relief of pain.  Pray for the boys, Sam has been take care of Jane when I leave for work until Jane’s mom comes over in the late morning.  He has been doing a fantastic job. Gabe has been working and helping out at home.  Pray for the rest of the summer, the boys will be in summer school and that means that Jane will be at home alone in the early hours.  Pray for our get away, for peace, relaxation and our time together.


Thanks for your care and support


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Heading into Summer

What’s Been Going On?

It has been a long while since I have updated the blog, but since last summer I have had to take on a lot more responsibility both at work and at home.  My work has gone through a very big transition and my strongest employee took a job in another division.  His move is having a huge impact on my workload, but it is a great career move for him and it benefits our entire department. In the long run this is what will be best for everyone. In the short-term I am working hard trying to get a replacement for him and keep things moving forward.

Since Jane came home from the hospital last summer her condition has gotten better and worse.  The nerve pain in her left is being managed by strong pain medication.  This is good because she is not in total pain all the time.  The trade-off with the pain medication is that she is tired, dizzy and it affects her memory.  We got a hospital bed for Jane because she was having a hard time getting in and out of bed.  She has had it for about two months and is considering returning it because she does not like it and has not used it much.

Jane is not on any schedule so she sleeps when she is tired and is awake whenever.  Due to not really having a schedule she often wakes up not knowing what day it is and we have to go over the day’s schedule two or three times.  It is really bad when we go to church on Saturday night instead of Sunday because church is the only regularly scheduled thing she does.

Back in February, Jane had a couple falls and hit her head.  We ended up in the emergency room to ensure that she was okay.  The doctors found that she had some swelling in the brain and an infection.  They put her back on Decadron (Dexamethasone) to bring the swelling down and antibiotics to kill the infection.  Jane has been on a low dose of Decadron since then.  Decadron is a steroid that is very effective in reducing swelling, but has a host of side effects that include sleeplessness, weight gain, muscle weakness and dizziness.

Where Do We Stand?

Jane’s last scan identified cancer in a lymph node on her neck and shoulder, slow growth of cancer in her spine and brain, and it identified some new growth in her brain.  Next week Jane will start radiation therapy for the cancer in her shoulder.  Our hope is that the radiation will relieve the pressure from the nerve that is causing the paralysis  and pain in her left arm.  The only downside is that it could cause nerve damage, that could lead to swelling.  To try to slow the cancer in the spine the doctor is giving Jane a new bone strengthening drug, Xgeva.  We are not sure of the effectiveness, but the side effects are small.  We have already done pretty much everything that can be done for the cancer in the brain.  The only thing we could possibly do is more radiation.  But after the last round of radiation, all the swelling and brain surgery that followed, we are thinking that it probably isn’t worth the risk.

The newest thing to invade Jane’s quality of life is pain that starts in her left hip and buttocks that radiates down her leg.  She is good when she is sitting down, but it is very painful when she walks more than a few steps.  We put topical pain reliever on it for temporary relief and have started to use a wheelchair for outings.  We are not sure what is causing this pain.  She first noticed it after her fall in February, but it seemed to get better over time.  Then she had a couple of less severe falls and the pain returned.  I am not sure if the pain is fall related or if there is new cancer, we will check with the doctor on Monday.


The drugs and cancer are taking their toll on her and she is often tiered.  We worked hard to get her out during the school year to see the boys perform in school plays and choir.  Linda would swing by, pick Jane up and bring her to Gabriel’s soccer games.  The boys and I take care of her as best as we can.  When I am at work and the boys are at school, Jane’s mother and father have been coming over to help.  They take Jane to doctor’s appointments, and help us around the house.  We have a really strong team (family) to support her.  There have been a crew of women from the church that stop by throughout the week to spend time with Jane, depending on how she is feeling.  Jane is strong and is fighting hard, some days she is discouraged and other days she is pressing hard, but every day she is an inspiration and is always looking to God.


Jane lives on the knowledge that people are praying for her.  It gives her hope in the times when she is discouraged.  Jane asked that you would pray for her hope.  Please continue to pray for her complete healing, we really need God’s miracle.  Pray that the pain in her arm is relieved and that her arm is restored. Pray that the cancer would be removed from her body (brain, spine, lymph nodes).    Pray that the pain in her hip and buttocks would be relieved.  Pray for the boys as they spend the summer with her.  Pray for wisdom, that I would be able to make right decisions with the doctors and to do what is best for Jane.   Pray for Jane’s mobility, that she would be able to move unimpeded by pain.

We know that God is in control and that he is beside us daily, watching over us and Jane. It is His hope that gives us the strength to continue this battle.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support.

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Race For The Cure

The Cure

One of the best things that happened to Jane in this battle, has been her introduction to, and friendship with Kara England.  Kara, owner and operator of “A Time To Heal”,  is a massage therapist that donates a significant amount of time to cancer patients and other types of community service.  She gives to others in a way that would amaze and humble anybody.  Kara has gone out of her way to teach the boys and I how to massage Jane.  Massages give Jane relief from pain and helps with circulation. 

We Can Help!

For this year’s “Race For The Cure”  Kare is highlighting Jane and the battle that she has fought to help raise funds to STOP breast cancer.  Kara put together TEAM JANE  in order to raise $1000.  On October 16th, we invite you to join TEAM JANE, including Jane, Samuel, Gabriel and myself as we embark on a one mile walk at Kapi`olani Park to help reach this goal. 

 There are two ways you can join us, you can sign up to walk with us or you can just donate.  If you are going to walk you can join TEAM JANE (by clicking on any of the TEAM JANE’s in this post), the cost is $30 dollars.  Once you sign up for the team you will be able to set your own personal fundraising goal, which will be added to the team total.  The second way you can help is by donating.  You can click on the TEAM JANE link, it will take you to the TEAM JANE page.  Once you are on the page you can either click on the “Donate to this Team!” button or you can click on a team member to help them reach their goal.  You can continue to donate to the team or team member even if the goal is reached. 

 Although, we are raising funds in Jane’s name, the true reason is to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

Thank you God! (And Dr. Fischberg)

Last night after my all-points-bulletin for prayer, God answered via a phone conversation with my sister’s pallative care doctor, Dr. Fischberg. He said he had told us that once the decadron was tapered off, she would/might feel more pain. I don’t remember that since at the time of her appointment with him, I thought that her arm pain might be from the necrosis in her brain. (Unfortunately, the pain is from cancer in her clavicle area.) Anyway, because of his insight, I’ve gone back up on her decadron until she gets back home, where she can be under the doctor’s care. She’s able to rest comfortably and we won’t run out of the pain medication until we get back to Hawaii. God is good.

She mentioned that she wasn’t going to live in fear (the fear that the pain is coming, it’s coming now, it’s here) but rather trust in God to keep her from that fear and dread. She mentioned that she meditated on what Lisa Kai spoke about at church, that God does not give us a spirit of fear and timidity but the spirit of love, power and self-control. (Jane’s paraphrase) It’s amazing the support she is receiving (and how quickly). Thank you.

Tomorrow afternoon, we leave for home. How sweet that will be. (Especially since Ray got us first class seats!) Pray that I can figure out the logistics of returning the car, luggage, and her in her wheelchair.

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Pray for relief

My sister’s arm pain is getting so intense, she is saying she can’t take it any more. Pray that the medication we have on hand will be sufficient. Pray that she is lucid enough to make it home on Saturday. Pray that she will have the strength to persevere through the pain.

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Slight set back

So my sister was beginning to feel better and decided to allow me to sleep some more. So she got up, was able to go to the bathroom by herself and get food for herself. Then she watched an hour of TV, going to bed without taking her meds. When she woke up later, her head was hurting her because she hadn’t taken her medication. So we’re back on our schedule and she’s taking it easy.

If you’d like, stop by our place, Homewood Suites at 10 Trimble Road (near 1st). Bldg, 2, Room 200. I think between the hours of 10:00 and 7:00 would be best. It would be just like visiting her in the hospital. She can’t talk much but will lie there with her eyes closed and smile.

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